Simply having marketing processes in place is not enough. If they are not pulling in new business or attracting new attention, then you will want to re-evaluate your marketing strategies.

But how do you know if your marketing processes are inefficient? Here are some key tips for figuring where you fall short in your marketing strategies.



The tedious tasks need to get done, but if you’re not smart about how they get it done. You are probably going to be wasting time during your workday. Take some time to make a list of all the tedious tasks you feel take more time to complete than they are worth.

Through the use of an efficient BPM software, or business process management software, you can get these tedious tasks under better control. Whether it is outsourcing some of these tasks or using a digital system to get some of the tasks done. Proper business process management will allow you to get things done more efficiently — allowing you to take your marketing to the next level.



Data is important to everything that you do, but you need to spend most of your time analyzing that data — not pulling or collecting it. Data tells you how well your strategies are connecting with customers. But if you are wasting too much time pulling data, by the time you get around to analyzing it, it would not be relevant anymore.

Track how much time you are spending on gathering and collecting data. If you find that you are spending more time collecting data than you are reading it. It may be time to look into new software or different programs that can do that work for you. Data is important for understanding how your marketing is working, it is necessary — but it must be done the right way.



Reaching the right audience is everything when it comes to your marketing strategy. You could be doing everything correctly, but if you are not getting your content in front of the right people. Your sales and your bottom line are going to struggle. Unfortunately, reaching the right audience is not as easy as many of us seem to think. You can not simply put content out on the web and hope that the right audience will find it.

Make sure that your marketing strategy is appropriately targeted to the right audience. While this may cost more money to have a targeted marketing approach rather than simply putting things online, reaching the right audience is worth training in negotiation skills. The more investment you put in to reach the right audience, the more return you will get on that investment and the more your marketing, company and business will grow.



Bad things happen when you ignore a user’s wants and needs whether done consciously or accidentally. Here’s what GameLayers wrote on their product UI, “Ultimately, I believe PMOG lacked too much core game compulsion to drive enthusiastic mass adoption. The concept of “leave a trail of playful web annotations” was too abstruse for the bulk of folks to take up. Looking back, I believe we needed to clear the decks, swallow our pride, and make something that was easier to have fun with, within the first few moments of interaction.”



Tackling problems that are interesting to solve rather than those that serve a market need. As Patient Communicator wrote, “I realized, essentially, that we had no customers because no one was really interested in the model we were pitching. Doctors want more patients, not an efficient office.” Treehouse Logic applied the concept more broadly in their post-mortem, writing, “Startups fail when they are not solving a market problem. We were not solving a large enough problem that we could universally serve with a scalable solution. We had great technology, great data on shopping behavior, great reputation as a thought leader, great expertise, great advisors, etc, but what we did not have was technology or business model that solved a pain point in a scalable way.

Inefficiency in marketing only means that your business will struggle. As marketing works as the fuel that moves your company forward, makes more sales, and attracts new customers, not marketing properly means that you will struggle to meet your goals. However, you don’t need to struggle to have your marketing make an impact.


If you feel that your marketing is falling short, take a look at these keys to identify where your inefficiencies may be. Once you can determine where you are going wrong in your marketing processes, you can make the necessary changes to get back on track. After restructuring your time spent on tedious tasks, pulling data, or trying to reach the right audience, you will have more time to propel your marketing and company forward.


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