According to dictionary.com,trigger-word’ is “a word that initiates a process or course of action, thereby giving people a sharp response to certain words which they hear.”

When used in a B2C’s content, trigger words,  also called ‘power words, can drive growth in sales. Research has it that over a thousand blogs have written at least an article on most trigger words. Websites such as Vertical Response, Shopify, Kissmetrics, Marketing for Success and many more have written various articles on such sales boosting words. A close check on these sites and study of their articles revealed the repetitive use of five (5) particular words.

In addition, these five words are the most used in sales copies around the world which have given companies/businesses success stories. A case study of companies with these success stories will be shared later. Below are the five proven words:


Two top thoughts that come to people’s mind upon the sight or hearing of the word ‘free’ are “no payment, just make yourself present” and “I can have abundance without any stress”.

This keyword has been used overtime in salescopy with a record of huge success. Most businesses used this trigger word to increase the purchase of a certain product while giving the same value of money spent to the customer for a service that can be used alongside i.e. purchasing price equals Value Price.


Everyone likes ease and comfort and customers are no exception. No customer ever wants to experience stress or dissatisfaction with using a certain commodity or service he purchases with his own money.

You can boost sales by using variations of the word, ‘easy’ such as ‘easy-to-use’ or ‘easy-to-understand’ in your copy. It immediately sends a signal of confidence to the customer that less stress and worry will be encountered when they purchase the product or service. The usage of the word ‘easy’ is most suitable for products which have huge competitive demand to initiate preference and increase.


Black Friday’s deals/ Boxing Day deals aren’t entirely different from the usual sales made on other days. One unique difference between those days is the slash in the prices of goods on sale. Slash in prices have the ability to convince customers to pull out even from their savings. It offers them a chance to pay less for more. Research shows that most online stores receive huge traffic to their webpage during periods of special deals, they also get new leads and record more sales.


This simply offers abundance for the customers. ‘More’ can be in any of these aspects:

  • Taste
  • Features
  • Choices
  • Power
  • Capacity
  • Information
  • Brands
  • People
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility in payment
  • Items in stock
  • Support

The extra on a product/service can become the winning factor that influences buyers’ decision. Indeed, more can be received back when more is given.


This is the most powerful word in the salescopy language. For most marketers, it’s more influential than words like ‘money’ and ‘sex.’ Your customers want to feel like you’re talking to them directly and no other word does it better than ‘you’. Take it or not, everyone has an atom of pride. The ‘you’ word calms the egocentric nature of human and makes them feel important. It gives customers a sense of belonging that everything you do centers on them. The word should definitely not be underestimated if a business must record more sales through its salescopy.




One of the biggest online stores in Nigeria had a whopping 174% sales increase on Black Friday Big Bang. This was recorded in the last 2017 Black Friday deal where the prices were slashed. Some of the products that recorded higher rates of purchase include dresses, wristwatches and kitchen utensils. The highest traffic was also recorded on their webpage with over 5million people web visits.

This indeed was a big boost to sales and leads for new business such as a partnership with Dangote Cement. The store now offers sale of the cement in three different quantities.


The challenge of getting products reach to other parts of the world is major for most online stores. Amazon has proven their solution to this challenge by simply using one of the trigger words discussed in this article, “free”. Amazon offers customers free shipping on some of its stocks. This brings about more purchase of the free shipping goods. Customers enjoy the removal of shipping fees while Amazon enjoys a chance to establish a wider reach.

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